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Are You a Desirable Renter

Are You a Desirable Renter

If you are currently searching for a rental property to move into, the question “Am I a desirable renter?” might not have even crossed your mind, but it should.  Here is why any good agency will go out of their way to find a desirable tenant.

A desirable tenant is someone who has a proven record that they are financially responsible and can follow the rules from the lease agreement.  This simply means that the tenant consistently pays their rent on time and does not cause any damage to the rental property.  The agency will check the tenant’s background which includes irregular payments, broken leases conditions, money owing, damages, and TICA (a register listing bad tenants).

Paying your rent – your relationship with your agent revolves around your rental payment.  This means that consistently paying your rent on time is crucial.  The landlord depends on your payment to pay for their own necessities, and more importantly, to make the mortgage payments on the rental property.  The message is to pay your rent on time every time.

Treat it like your own – Take care of the property like it is your own while you live there.  Normal wear and tear will happen with any property, just be sure to prevent any damages.

Maintaining the property – keep the rental property clean and manage the exterior, lawns, gardens, driveway, garage, as well as preventing pest infestations.  The agency may deduct your bond for damages and/or pest extermination if required.

Reporting issues – small problems can become big and expensive problems if it is not dealt with as soon as possible.  The tenant should report any problems to the agency so it can be repaired as soon as possible.

Planning on sharing your rental property – signing the lease agreement means the contract is between the tenants and the landlord/agent, that means anyone that decides to share your rental with you will have to go through the same application process you went through to officially become a tenant.



Tara Searle

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