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BFFs to the rental rescue

BFFs to the rental rescue

Tenants moving into our area often don’t have the time, or extra cash for travel, to inspect properties for rent in Dubbo. The answer? Call for help from BFFs already living in the region. 

Dubbo Real Estate Agency is happy to allow your BFF to inspect our properties for rent on your behalf.

Reliability and responsibility

BFFs are great for support and encouragement but they might not be great house hunters. Ensure they’re ready to inspect rental properties objectively, with your opinions and points of view in mind and not their own. They should be familiar with your domestic likes and dislikes. This could mean they know without asking that shabby chic colour schemes are perfect for you whereas an ultra-contemporary interior is a decided negative. The same goes for non-negotiables such as not living next to a train line or needing a large fenced garden for your dog. 

Simplifying the search

Your BFFs are doing you a big favour at this period so don’t waste their time. Send them a list of potential properties for rent in Dubbo well in advance of inspection dates and times, plus points you’d like them to check such as storage space, outdoor areas, natural light, street presence and neighbours. Remind them to contact you ASAP after inspections so you can beat the crowd to your dream home.

Your housework

You can’t do inspections but you should still be doing most of the home hunt yourself. From making calls to Dubbo real estate agents, to filling out application forms, all of these tasks are your job, not your BFFs. Don’t forget to tell property managers that BFFs will inspect the house so there is no confusion on arrival. As with any move, double-check concerns with agents before signing a contract. After your signature is on the page, explaining you haven’t seen the property yet won’t be accepted as an excuse if issues arise later.

No blame games

It’s risky moving into a house you haven’t seen before but aim not to criticise BFFs for any details you dislike about the home on arrival. Remember to gift their inspection efforts with a special dinner, a night out in your new town or similar. In the end, the move is your decision and at such a hectic time, everyone needs a BFF!


Tara Searle

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