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How to find a property that’s perfect all year round

How to find a property that’s perfect all year round

The time of year that you view a property can have an impact on how it looks and feels. But there are a few things you can check when inspecting a property that can help prepare you to make the right buying decision. 

We love living In Dubbo – however you need to be aware that we experience very hot summers and frosty winter mornings.  Your sales agent with Dubbo Real Estate Agency has local knowledge and vast experience with property for sale in Dubbo.  They will help you find the property most suitable to your personal requirements.

Consider the home’s orientation 

The orientation of the building in relation to the sun and wind patterns can change the way the home feels in certain seasons. Consider the direction of the property to work out how much natural sunlight and airflow it will have. The direction your property faces can make it more comfortable in extreme heat and cold. This can also help you save money on your energy bills. Ideally, the kitchen, lounge room and garden should be the spaces in the home that receive the most sunlight. 

Check the ventilation 

When you inspect a property, take note of the windows and doors throughout the house. For a home that’s breezy in summer but can be warmed easily in winter, you’ll need high-level windows which capture the winter sun and ventilate the air in summer. Smaller, well-shaded windows are ideal to help increase cross-ventilation when facing south, east and west. Open planning and narrow buildings both help cooling a property in summer. Outdoor living areas that are shaded or fitted with ceiling fans are also a bonus because you’ll be able to utilise the space in summer. 

Location, location, location

The location of the property can also affect the sun and air filtration. When looking at apartments or units, consider the fact that its location in a strata building can make it more difficult to shade balconies due to building restrictions. If you’re not a big fan of the summer heat, you might also need to avoid certain suburbs that are more humid in summer. Make sure you research the suburb’s yearly climate so you know what to expect year round. 

Air conditioning 

If you’re not a big fan of the summer heat, you will need to check the sale property has air conditioning. Evaporative air conditioning will work effectively in Dubbo’s dry summer heat.  For winter comfort you will need reverse cycle air conditioning, gas points or a slow combustion wood heater. 

While you can’t inspect a property in every season before purchasing it, you can definitely check that you’ll be happy living there year round. 


Tara Searle

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